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Buy the Official Japan Rail Pass online from an authorized American agent. We are America's No.1 choice for the JR Pass. The Basics. The Japan Rail (JR) Pass is a deal offered exclusively to foreign visitors traveling in Japan under temporary visitor status. It allows you to. Eligibility. A Japan Rail Pass can be purchased and used by: Tourists visiting Japan from abroad, under the entry status of "temporary visitor." Japanese. Step 2JAPAN RAIL PASS purchase · Information · Enter your JAPAN RAIL PASS requirements · Enter JAPAN RAIL PASS user information · Complete your JAPAN RAIL PASS. Japan Rail Pass The Japan Rail Pass (ジャパンレールパス, japan rēru pasu), also called the JR Pass, is a rail pass sold by the Japan Railways Group.

Order your JR Pass online with Keikaku and save time and money while in Japan → Choose between 7, 14 or 21 days → Ordinary or Green Class → Fast delivery. JAPAN RAIL PASS · Regional Passes · Shinkansen Travel Packages (by JR TOKAI TOURS) · The Shinkansen Tour (FLEX JAPAN) (by JTB-GMT) · How to buy and use tickets. The Japan Rail Pass (also known as JR Pass) is a multi-use ticket that allows you to efficiently travel around Japan. It is valid for journeys on all major JR. Since October it has cost ¥, to buy a JR Pass 21 days in length, which presents the best value on a day-by-day basis for the JR Pass, at a cost of. With Japan Rail Pass (Usually called JR Pass) you can get on almost all of the JR train throughout Japan! This is one of the must-haves to get before you. Welcome to My JR Pass. Check our Competitive Rates for Japan Rail Pass Products! We offer one of the Best rates! Explore Japan at your own pace, style and budget! · Unlimited travel on all JR Shinkansen, trains, buses and ferries · Valid for 7, 14 or 21 days · Cost-. What exactly is a Japan Rail Pass though? A JR Pass is way to let foreigners travel by train throughout Japan using one pass with one cost instead of having to. Japan Rail Pass. My JR Pass is managed and operated by NTA America, an official travel agency authorized by Japan Railways Group to issue and sell the Japan. 7, 14 & 21 Days Whole Japan Rail Pass: Explore Japan with a Japan Rail Pass, enjoy unlimited travel for 7 days on specific trains, buses & ferries. JAPAN RAIL PASS is the economical and convenient way of traveling throughout Japan by rail. Check the price for Green and Ordinary seats.

JR-WEST RAIL PASS · Other Rail Passes · One-way Ticket · JR-WEST ONLINE TRAIN RESERVATION. Explore Japan with a Japan Rail Pass, one ticket for unlimited travel! - Official Seller - Free Help and Guide - Fast worldwide delivery - 7, 14 or 21 days. JAPAN RAIL PASS is offered jointly by six JR Group companies, and is a budget-friendly option that is perfect for travelling all over Japan by rail. The Japan Rail Pass (aka the JR Pass) is the #1 travel option for foreign visitors in Japan. With good reason! Here's everything you need to know. JTB USA is the official Japan Rail Pass distributor in the US. Japan Rail Pass allows unlimited rides, including Shinkansen. Unless you plan to ride a LOT of JR trains during your trip, you'll almost certainly save money by buying individual train tickets instead of a Japan Rail Pass. Discover Japan with a Japan Rail Pass, buy your ticket to unlimited travel! Purchase securely online - Free JR Pass guide, map and travel advice - 7. A simple calculator to compare regular JR fares with the cost of the Japan Rail Pass. This pass is for tourists only, and you van buy it either before you arrive or once you land. When you buy it online and you'll be issued a confirmation voucher.

It is available exclusively for foreign tourists and offers unlimited travel on the the JR Group famous Shinkansen “bullet trains” *, limited express trains. Check the prices of the Japan Rail Pass for 7, 14 or 21 days unlimited train travel in Japan, both in economy and first class. Best value for money! Get around Japan economically (and conveniently) with JR trains. Find the cheapest Japan Rail Pass tickets with us; 24/7 customer service and easy. Which Japan Rail Pass To Choose · Keep in mind the difference in cost between a 7-day pass and a day pass is · Yes, this is possible. · The classic Japan. Looking to explore Japan in an affordable and convenient way? Amnet, Inc. is a specialized travel agency that offers Japan Rail Pass, a discounted and.

If you are a Japanese national and you have lived outside of Japan for 10 years or more, you can purchase a Japan Rail Pass if these conditions are met: You.

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